Friday, November 2, 2007

It's been such a long time...

It looks like I've been blogging about as well as I've kept journals. My excuse was that I needed to get my camera set up to download some pictures because posts without pics are, well, boring. It's just me going on and on and... oops! There I go again.

Okay, so pictures or not, I'm going to write a bit. Sadly, our dear little fish, Finny, went on to the big pond in the sky. He apparently got stuck under a rock. Josh was very sad. So Jana, being the loving big sister that she is, took him to buy a new fish. They came home with this little tiny betta which he named "Squirt." Apparently Squirt was not a healthy little guy, because he was found belly up just a few days later. Josh was very, very sad. It just doesn't seem quite fair for a 10-year-old to have had to bear the deaths of three fishies. (Yes, we had another before Finny; his name was Jack). So, back to the pet store. This time he picked out a nice, big, colorful, healthy-looking one. Josh named him Lucky. Let's hope so! :-)

Aquine acquisitions aside, life has been a little stressful due to health insurance being up in the air right now. I (Cassi) started the very loooooong process of weight loss surgery in September, only to find out at the end of October that we would no longer have our insurance as of the end of November. That's a very long (and boring) story. But the short version is that we are trying to accelerate the end-process so that I can have the surgery done before the end of November. As of yesterday, everything has been sent in for approval. Let's hope it goes quickly! We have figured out a plan B scenario, but it is not as financially favorable. If you want to read more about my WLS adventure, you can check out my blog link on the left--er--right side of this page (only my family will get that joke).

Jana survived a week of stressful testing. She had the ACT on Saturday and then AIMS on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Whew! That's done. She passed all her AIMS as a sophomore, but she has been trying to up her scores to be eligible for the Regents scholarship (four year, full-tuition). This semester has been a busy one for her. She has morning classes at the high school and then college classes in the afternoon/evening. Between dual enrollment and regular college classes, she has 18 hours this semester. She will have finished her freshman year of college by the time she graduates from high school! Plus, she works about 15 hours a week, although that will likely be changing soon. She has been very successful at keeping all the balls in the air. She is very organized, very hard-working, and she doesn't procrastinate! (She doesn't get that from me, that's for sure!)

Alden is enjoying his new job, crazy though it is. He is totally in his element. They all love him there, as always, and consider him almost part of the family. I'll let him post more, if he comes up with some great stories.

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Amy Greer said...

good to see you're back in the blogging zone. it's fun to hear each other's stories even if we are just down the road from one another...and we are (the same road even)! :)